Our "Dental" Offer expires in less than a week...

May 26, 2016

Even our offer expires in less than one week; dental services in Serbia are much cheaper compared to other EU countries!

About Dental Services in Serbia

Why choose Belgrade for dental service:

  • The price of dental services is lower up to 70% in Serbia than in other European countries. At the same time,
  • The quality is at the same level;
  • Belgrade is only few hours of flight time away from the furthest point of Europe. Also,
  • Tourist consumption is far more favourable






  • Feel free to contact us in order to reefer you with eminent dental clinic*** NOT EVERY CLINIC IN SERBIA IS GOOD, AS ELSEWHERE…
  • After you agreed with the doctor about plan for solving your situation along with the cost of services, we can find for you appropriate accommodation in the period you need,
  • You will be welcomed at the airport or bus/railway station and whatever your needs are, we will be there for you…


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