Healthy Tips - Coconut oil for 10 years younger look

June 30, 2016

Coconut oil for 10 years younger look

When it comes to natural beauty products, coconut oil ranks as number one.



Coconut oil can be used effectively to enhance your looks in five different ways and here’s how:

 As A Shaving Cream

Regular shaving cream is high in chemicals that are harmful and detrimental to your health. Coconut oil is not only natural and has no side effect, it will also moisturize your skin leaving it hydrated and it’s antibacterial and antifungal properties will rid your facial skin if any infection during and after you shave.

As An Overnight Skin Care Recipe

When you apply some coconut oil to your face before going to bed, it will penetrate your pores and it’s antimicrobial properties will fight off the bacteria that causes acnes. Your skin will also be well nourished and left supple and smooth.

Coconut Oil As A Moisturising Hand Cream

At winter when the weather is cold and can be quite harsh to your hands, using coconut oil as a hand cream works wonders as it will prevent your hands from being scaly and from cracking and peeling. Your hands will be soft and we’ll moisturised.

Use Coconut Oil As A Cellulite Cream

Coconut oil is also great for getting rid of those unsightly cellulite. Apply some coconut oil to your cellulite early in the morning and at night before bedtime and you will notice a dramatic change in a very short period of time.

Use Coconut Oil As An Ingredient In Making A Liquid Hand Soap

Save lots of money and also use 100% natural organic ingredients for your own homemade liquid hand wash with coconut oil as the major ingredient.

Coconut oil will leave your skin refreshed and nourished while moisturising it in other to prevent scaling, cracking and peeling.



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