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July 5, 2016

The Effects of Negative Thoughts and Emotions on Your Body

Not a second of a typical individual’s life passes without having some kind of a feeling.Here’s a fascinating chart on how numerous feelings influence your body.

Whether it would be happiness or despair, delight or anxiety, feelings are a crucial part of our day. But, what we need to also understand is that our feelings are linked to our general health.



Depending upon the feeling you are feeling in a specific moment, our body releases various chemicals and those chemicals create a different environment within the body itself.

Serotin, dopamine or oxytocin are launched when we experience joy. On the other hand, when we feel stress our body will release cortisol, a totally various hormonal agent that puts the body in a various state.

But what happens when we think unfavorable all the time?

Or when you are a favorable person and have delighted ideas all the time? Continue reading and you’ll see how feelings interact with your body.


Sure we can be neutral sometimes towards certain things, but the majority of the time our brain will judge and specify exactly what is positive and exactly what negative. The brain is an effective tool, so as it specifies something to be benefit or unfavorable we’ll get a various reaction in our activity. For example, if while driving you get cut off by another automobile, some will get pissed off and instantly alter their mood to unfavorable even if it was positive the whole time prior to, while some will just hit that brake a little bit and continue like nothing happened. So it seems that things are not constantly favorable or unfavorable by definition, however it is we that specify them as such.


Most of the time, there are no favorable or negative things just by definition, but it is you that discover them to be one way or the other. So, you are the one defining how a scenario influences you and therefore how your body will respond to it. We can always work our definition on specific circumstances, and while we do not have such self-control yet, possibly after understanding how our emotions impact our health, we can work to enhance that self-control.

” If someone wishes for good health, one need to initially ask oneself if he is ready to do away with the factors for his illness. Only then is it possible to assist him.” ~ Hippocrates


Despite the fact that not seen visually, the connection in between our mind and our body is huge. While positive thinking and inner calmness can lead to a healthy lifestyle and self-confidence, destructive thinking and unsettled problems will surely cause an unhealthy and unfulfilling life.

Our feelings are our body’s necessary energy and they can likewise be saved in our cellular memory. You can probably still feel discomfort from something that left an emotional mark from when you remained in a scenario when you felt overwhelmed with stress. That area of your body is most likely to keep the energy released from the kind of experience you had.

Typically, when you feel some discomfort, tightness or injuries, it is often related to some feeling within. Initially it doesn’t seem this way cause we live in a reality paced world, and we often leave our emotions aside. When I had persistent discomfort in my back and neck, it wasn’t from any workout or any physical injuries. I spent time and cash on physical treatments and absolutely nothing occurred, something was not dealt with. It was the emotions involved behind it. Later, when I addressed the unconscious thoughts and feelings I’ve beed experiencing, the discomfort started disappearing.

Typically in that way, the body asks us to take note of our mindset and find peace with ourselves. It’s still a discovering process for individuals and it is early to judge, but we need to get included on the subject.


Davis Suzuki wrote in ‘The Spiritual Balance’, ‘condensed molecules from breath breathed out from spoken expressions of anger, hatred, and jealousy, consist of toxic substances. Collected over 1 hr, these toxins suffice to kill 80 guinea pigs!’ So imagine the damage we are doing to our body when you have unfavorable thoughts or unrefined emotional experience in your mind?

We are the only ones what have the power to deal with what life throws at us. So stop judging on little situations as favorable or negative, or get stressed over little things, but try to see the big picture and consider the impact on you total health. Aim to take a look at circumstances with benefit ideas, get a lesson from small demanding circumstances or just decrease and observe things before reacting. And keep a positive attitude, thinking that you will get sick all the time will not assist you preserve your health, but work the other way around.

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