Small Investigation - What factors make Breast Augmentation price?

November 18, 2016

Small Investigation – What factors make Breast Augmentation price?


 Factors which impact on price of Breast Augmentation surgery

  1. Implants make up about 30-35 percent of price. In our market usually can be found Mentor, Allergan, Polytech. They have almost the same price, which can vary by about 10 percent. So, there is no big impact on the cost of the operation if you choose one or another brand of implants.

The differences, however, occur in the form of profile, texture and filling of the implant:

  • Round implants are cheaper than anatomical,
  • The ones which are filled with stiffer gel are more expensive than standard density gel filled or saline.
  • The quality layer (texture), and the type of implant projection (wider or narrower base), etc. make price more or less expensive.

However, these differences are in the range of 200 to 250 Euros (prices of implants are around 600-850 Euros), so it does not significantly affect the final cost of the operation. Yet, you may hear somewhere that the operation was expensive because of larger implants. This is not true! The price of the operation doesn’t depend on the size of the implant. Those of 500 cc cost as much as half less.

Be aware! Small differences in the prices of the implant is a good argument to choose a quality implant because of it depends largely on the aesthetic result of surgery, postoperative course, durability, scars … Well make sure you really get implants that you have agreed with your doctor before surgery. You need to get a stamp from doctor and the serial number of your implant.

  1. Bra: in some hospitals and clinics, surgeons suggest compulsory wearing special bras placed right after surgery to ensure that the implants stay in place. These bras are permanent ownership of patients and many of them are used later during the sports activities.
  1. Laboratory and internal examination: prior to the operation surgeons refer the patient to the laboratory analysis and review internist-cardiologist. In most hospitals, this analysis and review are included in the cost of operations.
  2. In a case something goes wrong:

The cost of re-intervention should be included. Make sure that the clinic you choose accepts such a re-intervention as their duty, without extra charge, and in what timeframe.

  1. Other costs: the patient can hardly have access to the quality of what is as supplies necessary for its operation: anesthesia, quality sutures, drains, etc., so, it is difficult to say how all of this affects to the cost of operations.


Do not let the price decides the clinic you choose for operation. Low price may be a warning to thoroughly check out what you get for that price, or what level of quality you get.

In almost each case less means more.

Always choose experienced, licensed doctor and verified, modern equipped clinic.

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