Belgrade Tours&Activities



  1. Boat Ride and Wine Tasting


The boat ride and wine tasting on the Danube and Sava rivers gives you completely different view of Belgrade, especially in the evening when it is all lit up.

The boat ride tour is accompanied by stories and legends of Belgrade bridges and islands during which you taste top Serbian wines in the selection of 5 labels, along with snacks. Depending on the weather, wine tasting or dinner can be organized either inside the boat or on the covered terrace.


  1. Belgrade from the river




How does Belgrade look from the river? What do you know about the Danube islands? What is the secret ingredient of the best fish soup? Where do Belgrade fishermen sail?

With real river connoisseurs is the best way to learn about the life of Belgrade on the water. The tour begins at the New Belgrade marina and includes a ride on the Danube river. To make the experience more authentic the boat ride will be spiced with the Fisherman fish soup at Great War Island, and if you want to try, you can catch your own lunch.


  1. Urban Belgrade


Dorcol has always been a meeting place which produced many contrasts. It was inhabited by Turks and Jews, fishermen and artisans, merchants and bankers. From touristy Skadarlija over to the working class blocks, abandoned river coast, and all the way to the middle class inhabited Upper Dorcol, this quarter is difficult to define.

Belgrading team will walk you through Dorcol tour, and show what is today’s Dorcol, while telling you stories how it used to look, and why it is one of the parts of the city without which Belgrade would not be what it is.

We will stop at the market, in some of the local famous cafes, near the monument of industrial heritage, and tell you why Dorcol is considered as a crossroad of cultures and mentalities, new and old.


  1. Around Belgrade


IMG_1112 IMG_1116 IMG_1118 IMG_1121 IMG_1122

Photo taken by: Aleksandar Bilic


The beautiful national park is difficult to perceive in one day, unless you have the right means of transport for it – the jeep!

To be preparing for the excitement that awaits you during the day, the tour begins with a “full” Breakfast on the pontoon on the bank of the Danube River in the foothills of Fruska Gora. From there, the jeeps will drive along the river, through Sremski Karlovci, on the tour of the National Park. Forest roads, through orchards and vineyards will take you to some of the world famous monasteries and wineries, and then back to the bank of the Danube, where Vojvodina’s specialties awaits you.


  1. Belgrade Quest


The city provides many opportunities to explore history, art, architecture and Serbian customs, but only with Belgrade quests you can interact with these elements in a unique way.

Join  interBelgradeQuestactive Belgrade quest and discover details which will make Belgrade your favorite destination!


The goal is to collect answers on given assignments which are scattered over defined area. No special equipment is needed, just imagination, wit and comfortable shoes. In order to get points, group has to solve riddles, discover details on specific location or creatively fulfill the assignment.

Get on one of Belgrade quest district based trails to see, hear and taste what Serbian capital is all about.


  • Belgrade 101 – strict center packed with fun activities
  • Round no. 2 – take a spin round the route of famous tram line number 2 and see what’s hidden within


All of these quests are available in two different forms:


  • Walking quests (for those who want to explore the city in their own pace)
  • Competitive quests (if you want to beat the time and other teams)




  1. Graffitti Workshops


SavaMala_Belgrade2The workshop will introduce Dorćol (the part of center of Belgrade) graffiti street art scene and you will have the opportunity to try out for yourself in the art of graffiti.


During the walk with professional graffiti artist you will learn how everything begin, the meaning of the term graffiti, find which places are the best for painting and hear urban legends.

After the walking tour, comes a moment where you show your artistic talent. On special location assisted by longtime masters of graffiti, you will learn the basic techniques of using spray, changing the cap, drafting and then the wall is yours.

In the end, you have the option to choose stencil, create background on the frame and create your own work that you can take home as a souvenir.


  1. Husky Adventure



In just an hour from Belgrade arrives at Husky Center, where takes place the specific coexistence host the Centre and their huskies, sporting dogs whose passion is to run in a group with people.


Hasky-Adventures3After a welcome drink, followed by getting to know of dogs, equipment and future husky activities, which will be tailored to each participant. People who are physical fit will be able to try out Bikejoring – adrenaline rides a bicycle or tricycle that the husky is pull. Those with excellent fitness ability will be able to experience Cane Cross race with huskies harnessed through separate systems, while those with the least physical fitness ability are recommended the Dog Tracking – walking with the dogs to the forest and back. Husky activities end with decoupling, disposal of equipment and feeding the dogs.

At the end  a tasty snack of local specialties or traditional dishes from the Far North are served, depending on where the visitors come from.


  1. Tandem Jump Activity



Accompanied by a professional instructor with thousands of tandem jumps behind him, in this Belgrade activity, you can enjoy one of the most memorable moments of a lifetime. After a short briefing about the exit from the aircraft, control in free-fall and the landing, you will take off for a flight up to 3000 meters, securely attached to a qualified instructor, you will jump and taste amazing free-fall at 200 km/h.


AftTandem-Jump2er the instructor opens the parachute at 1500m, by no means the experience has ended. You can then enjoy 5 minutes of flight with your open parachute.


To ensure that this memorable tandem jump experience is really unforgettable, we will make video about all the phases of your jump, from the training, to the boarding of the aircraft, during the free-fall and finally the landing.