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Dr IsabellaDoctor Isabella (Savić) River, one of the most famous aesthetic physicians in the Netherlands, is a specialist in cosmetic and aesthetic medicine with the most important aim to make the results subtle and to give the face a refreshment.

According to Dr. Isabella, “Time, when you could see that someone went to an aesthetic physician or a plastic surgeon, have long gone.” There is a saying these days “Less is More.”

After the treatment with Dr. Isabelle, nobody will tell behind your back that you “have done something” with your face, but will admire how you look fresh and relaxed for your age!

Dr. Isabella Savić holds a Master’s degree at the Royal University of Groningen in the Netherlands, first in Pharmacy in 2006, and then she graduated and received a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Medicine at the same faculty in 2009. After that, she was trained and instructed, in addition to the Dutch hospitals, also at the MMA in Belgrade at Plastic Surgery.

She completed her specialization which lasted two full years in the Netherlands, for now, the only country in Europe that has an official two-year medical specialization in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Isabella already has five years of working experience and her own clinic in the Netherlands. Dr. Isabella also trains new talented doctors who have a passion for Aesthetic Medicine and an artistic talent, which, according to Dr. Isabelle, are the two most important factors for starting a career in this field of medicine.

According to Dr. Isabella “It’s always sad when I see that in our part of Europe unnatural results are given to patients. I often saw the work of colleagues who were anatomically defective or made out of obsolete techniques, so I decided to dedicate myself to my love, Aesthetic Medicine in Serbia, to teach every colleague who wants to make natural results and to make happy every patient who wants freshness and youth in the face without traces.

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