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girl-18918_1920SEGO is a group of procedures and methods designed by Dr Aleksandar Ljubić and his team in order to improve women’s overall and reproductive health by restoring ovarian function and improving the quality of life.

Normal ovarian function – production of oocytes/eggs (necessary for reproduction), and hormones (essential for the proper function of the whole body), depends on a few elements. The ovary must contain adequate cells which are to be developed into eggs and hormones, adequate control mechanisms (mostly growth factors) and the right amount of energy for these demanding processes.

SEGO consists of several separate procedures integrated in a common project aimed to support, increase or create elements necessary for normal ovarian function.

The first letters of the SEGO abbreviation represent specific procedures:

S – Stem cell therapy – Cell therapy which uses stem cells obtained from the patients’ own body. The aim of this therapy is to create new or incite existing non-differentiated ovarian stem cells – which are to be developed into new oocytes and hormone producing cells.

E – Energy mitochondrial boosting – Boosting mitochondrial energy production of ovarian cells with a specific physical exercise regime – Ovarian HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a combination of highly intensive, intermittent, anaerobic exercise.

G – Growth factor PLPR therapy – Control mechanisms usually consist of different growth factors. These growth factors are obtained from the patient’s own blood. Inside the ovary, they control the creation and growth of eggs and the surrounding cells responsible for hormone production.

O – Oral adjuvant therapy. This part of the program includes taking particular supplements, vitamins, antioxidants and specifies having wholesome eating habits. It is aimed to support ovaries in creating the elements necessary for the production of new eggs and the proper function of the existing egg cells and endocrine-hormone producing cells.

SEGO by Ljubić helps women produce egg cells, conceive and deliver a baby, by restoring and maintaining normal ovarian function.

SEGO by Ljubić incites and augments the production of sex hormones in the ovary which postpone menopause, prevent disease related to loss of ovarian function and improve the overall quality of life.



baby-784608_1920The team of Professor Aleksandar Ljubić has accomplished a new advance in the fight against sterility and MediGroup is the first institution in World to have achieved a breakthrough in the area of tissue bioengineering: the new method of Autologous Ovarian in Vitro Activation (OVA), which contributes regeneration and rejuvenation, the prevention of illness and aging of ovaries. Autologous Ovarian in Vitro Activation is a procedure involving the transplant of own genetically activated ovarian tissue into the ovaries.


The first step of the OVA procedure involves the laparoscopic removal of part of the ovarian cortex. This is a procedure performed in general anesthesia, in the outpatient clinic. In the second part of the OVA procedure, the tissue obtained in laboratory conditions is biotechnologically activated, by blocking the group of genes that adversely affect the development of ovarian cells, as well as by autologous stimulating those genes that stimulate follicular growth and activity. The last stage of Autologous OVA involves re-transplantation of activated tissue in the ovaries. This stage is performed without an operation, under the control of a 3D colour doppler ultrasound, after which the patient is discharged home. The activated tissue affects the ovary, which restarts its function of creating hormones and ovarian cells.

In Jevremova hospital facility, which is part of the MediGroup system, the first human embryo in the world has been created by the application of the laparoscopic sonographic Autologous OVA activation. “This is the true application of tissue bioengineering, by changing and enhancing the genetic potential of ovaries. The main goal of this method, in addition to treating sterility, is to boost the health of women. A very significant effect of the new methods of rejuvenation (OVA, SEGO) is to improve quality of life, prevent disease and prolong the reproductive period of women, enabling them to fulfill their chief role – that of the mother,” said professor Aleksandar Ljubić, MD, PhD, who was selected this year as visiting professor at one of the leading universities in the world – the Cornell University in New York, USA.


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