Plastična i estetska hirurgija

Before any treatment you will have consultation with a doctor about your needs and expectation. On that basis doctor will offer you options and advice how to most effectively solve problem that you have. We approach our patients exclusively on personal basis, so every problem is treated in that way also. Sometimes patients ask for treatment that will not give optimal result, so the doctor`s duty is to inform patients about all possibilities and expected results. In that way we avoid any disappointment and our patients are always satisfied.

Before treatment, at the consultation you will get the following information:

+ Capabilities and limitations of treatment

+ Contraindication

+ Expecting results

+ Recovery after treatment (if there is any) and advices about care after treatment

+ Usage of medicaments (if there is need for that)

+ Instructions

+ Potential complications and risks (if there is any)

+ Proposal of best treatment for you

Before treatment you must sign agreement with which you give consent for procedure. At the consultation you must give to the doctor absolutely straight answers, because only in that case your anamnesis will be complete and your doctor will be well informed about your health condition.