Slow Food Experience


Heart of The Balkans where memories never fade!



If you wish to be a traveller with the intention and the name and not just a number in the crowd of a million tourists; to feel like a guest from the first to the last day and to return home more experienced and smarter, we invite you to visit a country that is the heart of the Balkans – wonderful Serbia.

We organize adventurousculinary tours that reveal the wealth of biodiversity, traditions, ethnic diversity, music, landscapes, products and everything that is of great interest to the planet, though far from the eyes of ordinary tourists.

Sail the tastes of the Danube in Serbia -support sustainable and responsible tourism.

Support the local network of food and wine producers as well as local caterers, and toast with them.

Some places that you can visit are on the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

Discover the old traditional customs of the Slavs in the Balkan through the original gourmet snacks!!!

Treat yourself with a real holiday in the countryside; learn to cook traditional foods from the forgotten foodstuffs, in harmony with nature….

Explore places unavailable to mass tourism and enjoy the local food… natural beauty, traditional customs…


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