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Let’s Go to Serbia!

Serbian poet of the 20th century, Desanka Maksimović wrote the following in her poem
“The Balkanite”:

“…we allow all beneath our roof,
we still greet those we encounter by chance with a kiss;
we carry out feats in the name of hospitality,
among us each man has
a whole tribe
of friends and family.”

And really it is so; hospitality is deeply rooted in the Balkans, so we can often hear the saying “The guest is sacred.” It is a reflection of the dignity of people who survived a very turbulent history. No matter whether it is summer or winter, when visiting a household in the countryside you will always perceive a lot of plates and table enriched with ham and salami and a full glass of “rakija”, home-made spirit made of fruit.

Serbia is a country that is located in the heart of such a Balkan. Here, do not expect buildings in Gothic and Baroque style to which you are accustomed to the various tourist destinations in West-ern Europe. However, in this country that has long assumed to be a crossroad of civilizations be-tween Europe and Asia, you can witness a certain kind of mentality, customs, food and also un-touched natural beauty.

This site was created with the idea to help you – chance travelers – in getting acquainted with the unique gastronomy and rich nature through socializing with the hosts throughout Serbia.


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Photo: Aleksandar Bilic