Non Surgical Procedures (Anti Aging)

FACE AND BODY Non-invasive methods:



Botulinum toxin (Botox) is refined toxin that is employed for blocking nervous signals from brain to muscles. With injections of very small quantity of Botox, in specific muscles on face, muscles become disabled and cause relaxation. In this way Botox operates as blocator of muscles, because it paralyses them and does not allow them to move, and with that it hinders cause of wrinkles, wrinkles themselves, and skin becomes tight and smooth.


Botox is injected directly into the targeted muscle for treatment of vertical line between eyebrows (glabella) and around nose, eyes, horizontal wrinkles on forehead and neck, for positioning of eyebrows (in case of asymmetric eyebrows). It’s important to mention that Botulinum toxin is not effective with wrinkles around mouth (line of smile), because those muscles are necessary for important functions, like eating.


Treatment means injection of very small quantity of Botox in muscles, in order to disable them.

Treatment is easy to do with, lasts very shortly, and recovery time is minimal. Botox begins to work 3 to 7 days after injections. Results mainly last from 3 to 6 months, whereupon effects gradually fade and complete function of muscles is restored. Results of repeated treatments generally last longer, because muscles become accustomed not to be used (e.g. frown is often thing of habit, so when muscles become accustomed not to be used, effects of every following treatment last longer).



Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our bodies, and it is necessary for maintenance of moisture, strength and resilience of skin. Advantage of use of Hyaluronic acid is non-surgical treatment with instantly visible results. With Hyaluronic fillers we can non-surgically correct changes on the skin, caused by factors from environment like exposure to sun, pollution and free radicals, which influence natural process of aging, and so we can improve general look of the skin. The skin becomes smooth, fresh and signs of aging are erased in entirely natural and safe way.

Hyaluronic fillers have non-animal origin and are developed by unique technology that is in accordance with the highest safety standards. Gels are absolutely clean, controlled and tolerance after application is exceptionally good.

Result is natural and fresh look, visible instantly and long-lasting, but not lifelong. Treatments can be repeated after few months. Duration depends of the area of treatment, technique of injection and your skin type.



Laser treatment of vascular changes is non-invasive method of removing red, blue and purple capillaries and veins, strawberry marks (haemangiomas) and other blood vessel changes on facial and body skin, with the help of laser beam of an appropriate wavelength.

Quanta System Light A Star, a laser system, enables the removal of vascular lesions with the help of Nd:YAG (1064 nm) laser.

This laser treatment is almost equally as safe for people with lighter or darker skin.


Treatment is not painful, and is described as being a “warm prickling” sensation with a slight feeling of discomfort. The treatment is quick and non-invasive (i.e. needles or other instruments do not go through the skin). Depending on the type, number and colour of the vascular changes, 1 to 3 treatments within 6 to 8 weeks are needed, because the final effect of the individual treatment is noticeable after 1 to 2 months.

The Nd:YAG (1064 m) laser system successfully removes aesthetically unacceptable veins and capillaries, but it cannot prevent appearance of new networks of capillaries and veins on the face or legs, for people with incompetent venous circulation.

Treatments are performed by a trained specialist doctor, dermatologist.



Unlike traditional skin rejuvenation methods, which are based on removing parts of the epidermis and dermis for the purpose of correcting irregularities, laser rejuvenation or so-called photo rejuvenation uses laser light to tighten skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen.

Photo rejuvenation via Nd: YAG laser does not damage the skin, so there is no “recovery time” and there is no need to avoid normal daily and social activities. The primary motive for coming in for this treatment is the wish to remove wrinkles and tighten the skin. Blemishes, keratosis and capillaries on the face are also corrected by other methods in our laser centre.

Photo rejuvenation is based on the action of laser beam of an appropriate wavelength, which absorbs the water in the skin, whereby warming of the dermis is achieved as well as the collagen fibres present in it. In this way, new collagen fibres are formed and remodelled, and in doing so, firmness and tightness of the skin is achieved.


Treatments are performed in line with individual protocols:

+ Gold package – new protocol from American experts, according to which only 1 treatment is performed in an interval of 6 months. Treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes, without significant discomfort; feeling is mostly described as warmth and light tingling.

So, if you are interested in non-surgical method for achieving healthy and fresh looking facial skin, correcting fine lines, wrinkles and mild scars, you are an ideal candidate for laser rejuvenation.



For only 30 minutes YOU CAN get notably younger look, remove loose skin and strain it

What are Meso threads?

Meso threads are fibres that dissolve in the skin. 3D Meso threads are injected under the skin with a thin, long needle. Fibres need 6 to 9 months to dissolve, and in the meantime, around fibres new collagen is created. In accordance with indications net of fibres is created, and in that way the skin becomes strain, wrinkles and excess of the skin are removed and the skin is transformed.


Before beginning treatment with Meso threads you must consult a doctor and define exact section for treatment. Your doctor will inform you about preparation before treatment. Before injection of Meso threads, we use local anesthetic to avoid possibe unpleasantness or pain caused by injection needle under the skin. According to wanted results and sections that are treated we inject specific number of needles under the skin, and then we remove them, while fibres remain under the skin. On the place of injection stays only a small dot that, after couple of hours, disappears. Results are visible instantly, and full effect is achieved only after one and a half months or two months. Because Meso threads are progressively dissolved, and collagen itself is progressively created, you get full natural look, without losing mimicry.

Number of treatment with Meso threads

For wanted look one treatment is enough, and it is possible, if there is need, to repeat it after 2 years.


Meso threads are suitable for persons with striking wrinkles between eyebrows, around mouth, or over the whole face, as well in the instances of loose skin of the face, chin, arms, belly, legs. Also, Meso threads are suitable as prevention of emergence of wrinkles, but still, it is recommended for persons above 30 years. Beside removing wrinkles, Meso threads also remove excess of the skin, boost tonicity of the skin, and because of all that they give natural younger look.


As is the case with all aesthetic treatments, Meso threads are not recommended for persons who have autoimmune diseases, disturbances of blood coagulation, skin infection or eczema, strong allergies or oncology diseases. About all contraindications you must consult a doctor, who will give you treatment with Meso threads.


Almost there is no any side effect, except short irritation on the place of injection. It is possible to have skin prickle, but it will fade for maximum ten days.

Treatment with Meso threads is non-surgical, minimal invasive, and before treatment your doctor will explain you potential side effects and give you needed advices before and after treatment.



Microdermabrasion is non-invasive method of softly removing skin surface, but it also affects the deeper level.


Treatment consists of superficial abrasion of the skin epidermis ,and recovery of skin cells and collagen is stimulated.

Treatment is painless and local anaesthesia is not needed.

Treatment lasts about 30 minutes, but must be repeated 4 to 12 times, within 2 to 3 weeks.


Smallest and finest wrinkles, expanded pores, smaller and superficial scars, eventual spots, i.e.depigmentation of the skin. Fatness of the skin is successfully treated.


Everybody can use it. It is suitable for all skin types and colours, and for all ages also.


Patient must have clean face without makeup and without any creams.


After treatment it’s forbidden to expose face to the sun, because of the irritation and additional pigmentation. After smoothing of the face within few weeks, it can be exposed to the sun. Depending on the patient’s skin type recovery lasts 1 to 7 days.


If microdermabrasion is not professional then damage of the skin is possible, or it can affect the result. Microdermabrasion surely represents one of the aesthetic surgery methods, and as such, the best solution is to be performed by plastic surgeon.