THS – Total Health Screening

Total Health Screening – THS

The complete package includes:


  • Comprehensive laboratory analysis
  • Examinations performed by medical specialists: cardiologist, internist, neurologist pneumo-physiatrist/ pulmonologist, gynaecologist, urologist
  • Ultrasound examinations of thyroid, abdomen, heart, breasts (women)
  • Doppler of neck vessels
  • Spirometry
  • Load test
  • MRI of abdomen and head
  • X-ray of the lungs and heart in case of relevant indications
  • On the basis of all findings and detailed analysis, the internist gives a diagnosis and detailed recommendations for further treatment or preventative measures.
  • In the event that further diagnostics is required, additional recommended examinations are conducted (virtual (scanner) / coronary angiography / bronchoscopy / angiography / gastroscopy / colonoscopy), which are part of the package and are not charged separately.


All tests are non-invasive and pain-free, performed in one day, without having to wait. This is a tailor-made service, with a dedicated team of medical professionals at disposal on the comfortable, state-of-the-art MediGroup General Hospital premises.

This programme is unique because in a single visit, with fine precision, each risk factor linked to health conditions is examined – particularly of the cardiovascular system and malignant conditions, which in recent times represent the most frequent health risks for the population of Serbia. Therefore, this  package is intended for each individual who wishes to keep their health in check and under control, through a prompt and accurate diagnosis.



– For The Ladies: cca 800 EUR (98000 RSD)

– For The Gentlemen: cca 750 EUR (89000 RSD)


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