Highly professional and qualified physical therapists with most advanced equipment, hydraulic tables, by means of various electric currents, ultrasound, popular Cavitation and afterwards dwelling in sauna, guarantee pleasant and effective stay on the road for acquirement of necessary balance of body and spirit.

It’s divided in three parts:


Sauna strengthens heart and circulation. Sportsmen know that very well because sauna is part of their training, although it is “passive training” which does not include work of the muscles. One visit to sauna can be compared with 40min. of running in nature. Yet, even most active sportsmen often practice this way of relaxation to get better results.

Going to sauna is equal to going on hygienic and cosmetic treatment. Those who regularly visit sauna have fresh and perfect complexion, thanks to good circulation and deep cleaning that you get in this room. Sauna is marvellous method for improvement of circulation and blood-pressure. Although individual reaction to warmth is different, in all cases general improvement is confirmed.

Best effect of sauna is effect of relaxation. Sauna has not only physical but general effects also, that can last next couple of hours and sometimes even couple of days. We saw how improved circulation and detoxification of body and skin that people get in sauna make them more beautiful. But, sauna can do much more. At the end of treatment skin becomes clean.


Thanks to the growing permeation of medicine and cosmetic many devices are invented, and thanks to these devices we can now get results which were unthinkable until recent date. This device works on the basis of Ultra-Sound cavitation and PERMANENTLY DECOMPOSES and removes fat cells.

Local fat deposit is treated but, at the same time, also those deposits which are hard to remove with sport training or with change of diet. Only when Ultra-Sound operates together with wave pressure fat cells can be removed.


There are partial and whole body massages, and they can be Anti-stress, Relax, Sport, Royal, Chocolate, Massage with Vulcan rocks.

No matter which one you choose, you will choose the right one, because you will get a room with special atmosphere, equipment and a physical therapist with life-long experience. Excellent results are guaranteed.

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