About Serbia

jas5The Republic of Serbia is European cross-cultural country. It is situated partly at south-east Europe (Balkan peninsula), and partly at the region of central Europe (The Pannonian Basin). Serbia is located at the crossroads between East and West. This is the land with rich history and with countless national heritage sites, from prehistory to today. This is country with beautiful, untouched nature, with rich ethnic foods, remarkable food and pizza brands, big sport names and clubs, famous artists from all art genres, inventive scientists and inventors… People in Serbia are very hospitable and they warmly welcome foreigners. In Serbia you can get a lot of fun (numerous festivals are organized, but, of course, you can enjoy it alone too). “Serbia is a great secret”- writes a great author. Therefore, we heartily ask You to be our guests and to uncover that beautiful mystery. You can spend unforgettable time here, using our medical treatments with professional care of worldly renowned doctors. We are sure that you will come back to us and that you will recommend us to your friends.

About Belgrade

Beograd trg republikeBelgrade is the capital of Serbia. The city has population of 2 million people and lies on the most beautiful location in Europe, at the mouth of two large European rivers, Sava and Danube. This city mysteriously hides in its chest many ancient civilizations and their remains (subterranean galleries, caves, fortresses, churches, necropolises and so on). This city with monumental history today is interesting because of its affability and because it has an open heart for all differences and all needs of guests. Belgrade is city with a lot of modern activities. During the whole year there are lots of sports, cultural and entertaining festivals. More

Many guests, after feeling spirit of the city, after seeing and experiencing it in all segments – gladly return to it.

Belgrade – eternal city, offers unique nightlife for the young and all those who feel that way. Why is the White City so wonderful?! – Because Belgrade is alive 24/7. In modern world – everybody works all the time. In bohemian Belgrade – everything is about fun. Because of that, out capital becomes desire and need for those who experienced it. People who got acquainted with this city, discovered much about their own self too. People leave Belgrade with couple of souvenirs and with a lot of positive energy, which lasts until the new meeting with this marvelous city.

Welcome, dear guests!


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