Do you think about plastic and reconstructive surgery? Do you want your smile to become more beautiful and your teeth shinier? Do you want to bring back brilliance to your face and body? Maybe you want other health services also? If you don’t know where to begin, and you have million questions, you are in the right place!… Begin with us!…

All methods/surgeries have their particularities, so it’s necessary, before all of them, to know what are your wishes and what are possibilities, because we are all specific individuals. It’s important to pay attention on:

  • Introduction to the matter and possible solutions for your problem, to the doctors with whom we collaborate (for surgery or for non-surgery procedure), equipment and location where intervention will be done, how much time you will be absent from job and family, what are risks of surgery, expenses (possible with our help),
  • Determination of your wishes and their harmonization with possibilities – consultations with a doctor/current weight and history of oscillations in weight, drugs, diet and use of supplements, exercise, if you are smoker/passive smoker, do you drink alcohol, do you expose yourself to sun, what are your sleeping habits, amount of stress you are exposed to, and so on.
  • Making decision – if you have any, no matter how little doubt, don’t go into any procedure
  • Preparation –stage before surgery, doctor will warn you what you must do 2-3 weeks before surgery; you inform him about all diseases that you have had, drugs that you take, including supplements, if you are you a smoker/some persons are not good candidates because of their specific way of life, that can put in risk surgery and recovery
  • Operational period/depends on chosen procedure
  • Post-operational period/ depends on chosen procedure.

If you are interested in any medical service – contact us and say us what are your wishes and needs, via e-mail or via contact from, and we will give You detailed information in form of Informative Offer, which is possible to adjust to the doctors and us, and which is not obligatory.


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